Quality Standards

Setting the Bar High

Plant protection management

Our plant protection management includes integrated tools, in order to adhere to the environment-friendly principles and at the same time have no compromise on level and hygiene.


All the greenhouses are covered with mesh 50 anti-insects nets. The doubled entries are equipped with no-hand-touch tap and sink, disposable gowns and gloves, plastic shoes and personal disinfection bottles.These means are intended to block penetration of insects, pests and pathogens.

Prevenation, Monitoring and Responses

During all season we keep a prophylaxis spraying regime, using certified chemicals according to the regulations of European Union and USDA. In the greenhouses we place Electrical, Mechanical and Pheromone-based traps which are monitored regularly. The motherplants are checked visually by our agronomists daily for any suspicious signs. Application of agents may change according to the data obtained from those activities.

Plant Protection Inspection Services (PPIS) Supervision and Regulation

Our agronomists regularly attend courses and seminars offered by PPIS. Their inspectors are visiting our greenhouses once a month to ensure all standards are kept. Once the cuttings reach the Air Terminal, the final examination takes place when PPIS professional staff checks them, to verify:
> Quality
> Health: freedom from regulated pests and compliance with the phytosanitary requirements of the importing country
> Safety: freedom from pesticide residues and harmful substances
> Traceability-oriented labeling

Quality Levels


The plants are tested in diagnostic laboratories for bacteria, virus and viroid presence, few times in a season. The number of tests varies between the different levels:
Special Quality Level: Motherplants that were grown from SEE, NAKT certified propagation material. We keep genealogical documentation for each variety and keep a precise labeling system to track the overall growth and development records for the specific plants. Plants in this level are treated by our best staff, trained to have a good understanding of all procedures and cautionary measures. The plants are tested at least 3 times over the season, with sample size of 10% or higher, according to the standard.Correct execution of those protocols allows us to receive the Special Quality certification from the Israeli PPIS.
High Quality Level: The propagation material hasn’t had a NAKT certification but the motherplants are kept in high sanitation conditions and tested at least twice a season in diagnostic laboratory.
Normal Quality Level: The propagation material of this level is obtained from clean plants. The mature mother plants of this level are tested once in a diagnostic laboratory.